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Coding on the beach

  I have for a long time wanted to make a system that would allow me to code on a beach. In recent years I’ve had two approaches to this, one has been to try and produce some sort of virtual reality desert island with a beautiful break . The other has been to try and produce a screen that I can see in direct sunshine. But modern screens are far better at being seen in the sunshine you might say. Just get an anti-reflective coating you might say. Both of these are good solutions but as you can see from the picture below both pale in comparison with my creation. The screen I present here is the culmination of 5 attempts and over £100. The device has 80w of led draw producing a lighting power for which a back panel full of heat sinks cannot dissipate in high ambient temperatures.   So far I haven’t been able to test the device outside of my flat and I know from previous experiments that ended up in the prototypes being smashed that the power pack I have cannot support both the screen and

A world of joins

 I often get confused with joins so I looked over the many cheat sheets on google images. The problem I have with the classic cheat sheets is that they all display the joins in terms of Venn diagrams and I've never really understood if the Venn diagram represented the columns or something to do with the data. I've been working to move some code from R in which joins are heavily used to python where pandas has some join functionality but not everything I wanted. To bring across that join functionality I had to understand the nature of the joins at a depth that I just never had before. The following image is what I came up with.

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