Democratisation of law

There are two thoughts here one is the thinking around the Bugzy Malone song about the gangster who shot his mother.

The idea which isn’t well known but was mentioned in algorithms to live by about the idea that violence allows for less violence. It goes against the idea of violence begets violence. It is also mentioned in poverty safari.

This is linked to the idea that perhaps there is a way to make small use of the legal system more accessible. A lot of petty violence happens from escalations of unresolved disputes.

Waiting for a digital legal system is clearly not something that will help people in the near future. Even with large elements of legal discovery being automated law is still a very manual field.

What if you could design a system which allows for automated conflict resolution but that would fit inside the existing manual legal systems.

Clearly, this would only work for civil cases criminal cases would have to be left to the system proper.

The idea I have for an automated conflict resolution that would fit inside the existing legal system is an organisation which provides an insurance-like product, where the users pay for this legal protection. It is included in the contract for this legal protection that under civil cases they have to accept the resolution given by the system.

This system would allow for contracts to be created and enforced from within.

That would allow two parties who are both using the system to have contract creation and enforcement done without the need for human oversight lowering the cost of creating contracts to something that even people on the lowest income in society can engage in.

These contracts would be created with the intention that they would hold up in a caught proper but because they are created in the system would first and foremost be implemented by the internal, automated court system.

Moreover, contracts made outside of the system between two members who use the system could be mediated by the system. This would help to reduce total legal expenses.

The idea is this automated system could work as a court that is below the existing lower level of the courts in a system that could have an appeal process leading to the courts proper.

The integration of a proper caught system into the lives of people for whom it is usually prohibitively expensive to use would allow for better-managed conflict resolution.


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