Bathroom kit

Both my girlfriend and I have electric toothbrushes, I also have an electric razor. Good for me so what?

Like many bathrooms ours only have a single bathroom plug and as much as plugging and unplugging a toothbrush charger and razor stand is little effort, not having two toothbrush chargers is annoying.

It would be nice to have all 3 plugged in so that we always had charged toothbrushes and I didn’t have to faff around with my replugging in my razor stand. Unfortunately, as easy as it would be to simply make a plug where they could all go in, to keep people who might go for a bath with a toaster bathroom safe,  plugs are incredibly limited in the amount of power that can be drawn from them. In fact just two toothbrushes charging is pretty much the limit!

An easy solution would be not to store the toothbrushes in the bathroom and that way we could use an extension cable to charge everything, but that's a faff, the toothbrushes belong in the bathroom. As does the razor.

I did try to come up with a solution whereby I used a battery pack which charged from the bathroom port. That battery pack would then in turn charge the toothbrushes and razor so when I wanted to use any of them the power was there.

Clearly, not all of them could be running all the time as that would require more power than the plug can readily supply. I would therefore need some kind of controller to only turn them on at certain times. This would have required something to do the controlling in addition to the battery. 

An intermediary solution since I have 2 spare toothbrush charging cables in addition to the one we had plugged in in the bathroom was to simply cut and connect them.

This was a good use of the soldering iron I had purchased for the bookcase lights project and the glue gun I had bought for various projects. I used the glue gun to create a seal over the soldier and create what should be a water-ish but humidity-proof seal.



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