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Keyboard remapping

 I like to use VIM as my editor. Alongside VIM I use TMUX to be able to have my preferred, keyboard-only setup (with the exception of googling for things which I haven't worked out how to do in the terminal yet). I have found that rather than the default prefix of ctrl+b for tmux commands I prefer to use the backtick or grave. The problem is this isn't always in the top left as it is on standard keyboards. On my MacBook keyboard for example its in the bottom left (not as easy a place to reliably hit) and it doesn't exist on my 75 key mechanical keyboard. This is fine, most of the time I remap escape on my mechanical keyboard to backtick and capslock to escape (This was the original location of escape when vim was first conceived). When using things in vim I can always use the tilda to convert a long set of lowercase to uppercase if needed so the capslock is an underused key when compared to how often I end up using backtick. The remapping on my Chromebook was rather simple,

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