Faster youtube!

 I like to consume content at faster than normal speed. With perhaps the exception of stephen fry reading the sherlock holmes collection I listen to all my audiobooks in faster than 2x speed. So to me it is a shame the youtube only offers 2x as the maximum speedup. I watch a lot of youtube and for me a lot of people, particularly on the longer more lecture style of content, just speek too slowly.

I have recently found a way to pick the speed you have youtube at, picking any number you like!

It does seem to be more buggy if you are playing the content at more than 3x but that is to be expected given we're using the system outside its designed range. It's also rare that even I can keep up with something at more than 3.5x.

So how is the feat achieved?

document.getElementsByTagName(“video”)[0].playbackRate x

You can use this as a bookmark by prefixing the url with "javascript:"

If you save the following link in your bookmarks like I have you can enable it easily whenever you like:
Click here

I found this when searching for it using Grepper which I really like.
The original source is this medium article, however.


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