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Fuzzy dict access

At the time I wrote this little snippet I was often working with dictionaries in python and struggling to remember the exact keys that would be required to access the fields I wanted. This is long before starting this blog and was one of the mini-projects that has helped push me to start typing up the side projects and wonderings that I have. The premise is that you have some idea of the path to the desired element in the dictionary but not all of it. Given a dictionary, this program should return the first object in the dictionary tree which matches that path.

Do colliding black holes destroy information?

I must premise this post with the fact that my formal physics education ended at sixth form and that these topics are gathered from online articles, discussion with friends and a lot of youtube videos. I hope that if there are errors, they are with my axioms and not my logic but the statements I make and sources I reference should be taken with a pinch of salt. I have recently been reading about the entropic theory of gravity and the idea that gravity could be an emergent property is fascinating! I have thought for a long time, talking about it at school, that there might be some fundamental logical underlying physics. What I mean by that is that if you look deep enough into maths you can derive the laws of physics. That the constants have to be that way because they are derived from mathematical laws rather than observation. This is my version of the “ Mathematical Universe Hypothesis ”. That the universe isn’t just described by mathematics it is mathematics. I don’t believe

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